Livin’ Your Best Life This Summer

Livin’ Your Best Life This Summer

If you are wondering when’s a good time to start living your best life, the answer is right now. Summer is a great time to kick-start your journey into living healthier, and happier. Here are a few simple ways to put those good intentions into action. 

Connect with intention

Live your moments. It’s so easy to get lost in just going through the motions of everyday life. This is especially true in the winter when daylight is short, the weather is cold, and nasty illnesses are going around. 

Summertime can be such a great time to connect with people. Not only is school out of session and schedules more relaxed, the weather also allows for easier meet up locations, like parks. Staying connected with family and friends is an important part of happy living and, with options like BBQs, picnics, or sitting around a fire, summer is here for it. 

Living your best life isn’t just about connecting to others, it’s about connecting to ourselves. Taking time to practice self-love, and really connect to our intentions can add a purpose and a drive to each moment. Sometimes you feel like taking on an adventurous hike, other times you just want to Netflix and chill. Honor those feelings, and feed your soul with the things it loves. 

Keep it real

Respect your limitations. There is something about the warm weather and the sun shining till 9 o’clock at night that incites ambition. While summertime is a great time to check off those bucket list items or plan an exciting vacation, it’s important not to push yourself too hard. 

Along with the extra sunshine and daylight, there’s also plenty of pressure to make every summer unforgettable. Filling your days with sunshine, fresh air, and good company can be invigorating, but it can also be draining. Give yourself permission to say no, and to keep it real when it comes to your limitations. If you’re extra sensitive to the heat and the sun, you don’t have to go on that trip to the lake all day, even if all your friends want you to. Be kind to yourself. Living your best life does not look the same for everyone. 

Practice mindfulness

Invest in yourself. I can’t stress this enough. No matter what your life looks like on paper, whether you’re a busy careerist, stay home parent, college student, or an extraterrestrial- you have to invest in your mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

Summer is a great time to work on eliminating self-neglect. While the beginning of the year is when a lot of people set personal goals, everyday is a fresh start and new chance to practice mindfulness by observing your thoughts, feelings, and needs. You are worth taking care of.  

Take the opportunity to check out local farmer’s markets for sun-ripened, nutrient dense produce, this is a great way to ramp up your healthy eating. Use the warm weather and longer days to get out and be more active. Eating right and giving your body a chance to move is fundamental for your well being.  No matter what time of year it is, start investing in creating a healthy, happy lifestyle now.  

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By: Nikki Lee

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