How to Practice Mindfulness With A Busy Schedule

How to Practice Mindfulness A Busy Schedule

We live in a world of over-stimulation and over-exertion. While keeping on top of our health and exercising self care often takes a back seat, practicing mindfulness is surprisingly easy.

So, for the sake of our collective sanity and well being, here are a few tips to fit mindfulness into our busiest days.

Think About What You Are Thinking About        

WHAT?!?! (Mind blown I know!) Mindfulness is a natural technique that we all have. While mindfulness is a power we all possess, it will still take time to train our minds to do it. Mindfulness is simple, it’s just being aware. Aware of our thoughts and emotions, aware of how we are interacting with the world. So literally, just taking the time to consider and think about.... what you are thinking about. It really is that simple!

Get Your Zen On Through Meditation

I just told you that mindfulness is simple, but that doesn’t make it easy. A great way to start is through meditation. Start out with a few minutes a day. You don’t need fancy equipment. Just find a space that is quiet and comfortable and begin focusing on your breathing. Oxygen is great, and we all need it, but the point of this exercise is that breathing is a constant and it forces your brain to establish an anchor to the present moment.

Check out.

I know I just told you to think and now i'm telling you to check out. It might seem contradictory but if done right, they really go hand in hand. What I mean by "check out" is  don’t pull out your phone, or your tablet, or any other device. I mean do nothing. In the middle of your over loaded day, just take a moment to shut off. I know this may come across as bad advice, but going through an entire day, working through lunches, going from task to task, is detrimental to our brains. Take a needed to break to slow down, think about your breathing.... in.... out.... in... out. Anytime your thoughts stray to anything else, readjust your conscious thoughts. In.... out... in....

Think of this as a brain re-charge, don’t let your mind become obsessed with what needs to be done next. Just be in the moment, even if it’s just for moment.    

By now you are probably getting a clear picture of what mindfulness is because like I mentioned, it is simple concept, and with daily practice will it become easy. You will find that awareness can be practiced in any moment, giving you space to breathe, and think, and time to process before you react. Mindfullness is a great practice for every person; man, woman and child. Go ahead and try it... you know you want to! I promise, you will feel better. 

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By: Nikki Lee

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